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Learning from the PROSE: Exploring professional organizations’ role in supporting Black engineering student success

This project aims to investigate the mechanisms by which professional organizations provide the critical professional and psychosocial support that contribute to the development and success of Black engineering students. While relying on a mixture of qualitative and video-based methods, this study will uncover critical aspects of access to networks and support systems from the perspective […]

Engineering a New Reality: Using virtual reality to cultivate inclusive mindsets among engineering faculty

This project seeks to broaden participation in a novel way by seeking to understand, how we might cultivate inclusive cultures in the absence of critical masses of people traditionally underrepresented in engineering. Specifically, this work exposes faculty participants to an Immersive Virtual Reality (IVR) experience using a head-mounted HTC Vive platform. The power of IVR […]

The untapped community: Community colleges as an opportunity to broaden participation in engineering

Although community colleges have received much attention in recent years, little is known about the experiences of community college engineering students as they complete their coursework at the community college and transfer to the next stage of their life (e.g., accredited engineering program or their career). As this time period…critically influences students’ chosen pathways to […]

Value through the voices: Exploring making and its impact on engineering identity formation of underrepresented groups

The institution of engineering has been resistant to change, but the latest developments of university-affiliated makerspaces present an opportunity to innovatively address such change. Makerspace cultures could perpetuate the normative cultures that have persisted in engineering environments. By looking at makerspaces while in their infancy, we can potentially influence the shaping of future makerspace infrastructure […]


  • Published

    1. Boklage, A., Coley, B., & Kellam, N. (2018). Understanding engineering educators’ pedagogical transformations through the hero’s journey. European Jouranl of Engineeirng Education. https://doi.org/10.1080/03043797.2018.1500999

    Under Review

    1. Cirell, A., Kellam, N., Boklage, A., & Coley, B. Remaking Space in the Makerspace, Journal of Engineering Education.
    2. Boklage, A., Cirell, A., Coley, B., & Kellam, N. “You can Shake my Hand, too”: Storying Difference to Promote Liberatory Means of Critical Pedagogy in Engineering Education, Journal of Engineering Education.

    In Preparation

    1. Coley, B. & Kellam, N. (in preparation). Faculty as wanderers: Exploring engineering faculty’s winding trajectories on their journeys to becoming exemplar teachers. To be submitted to: Journal of Engineering Education. Coley Curriculum Vitae | 2
    2. Coley, B., Greene, M., Jennings, M., Kellam, N. (in preparation). Using narrative to story how Underrepresented undergraduates cope with stressors in engineering education. To be submitted to: Journal of Engineering Education.



Learning from the PROSE: Exploring Professional Organizations’ Role in Supporting Black Engineering Student Success, Engineering Education and Centers, National Science Foundation, NSF#1828659, Principal Investigator, $550,000, awarded.


Empowered to Include: A pedagogical innovation applying entrepreneurial thinking to address inequities in Engineering, Kern Foundation, Principal Investigator, $12,000, awarded.


The Untapped Community: Community Colleges as an avenue to Broaden Participation in Engineering. Engineering Education and Centers, National Science Foundation, NSF#1733716, Co-Principal Investigator, $399,388, awarded.


Value through the Voices: Exploring making and its Impact on Engineering Identity Formation of Underrepresented Groups. Engineering Education and Centers, National Science Foundation, NSF#1636475, Co-Principal Investigator, $599,905, awarded.


Adaptive Postural Strategies: Impact of Aging, National Institute on Aging, National Institutes of Health, NIH-NIA 1 F31 AG025684, Principal Investigator, $118,750 + partial tuition, awarded

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